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Employment Law

YTPL represents employees in all employment matters including unpaid overtime/wage, whistleblower, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination/retaliation claims on a contingency fee basis. Our office assumes all of the costs and fees associated with your lawsuit and do not get reimbursed unless we are successful in securing a favorable settlement or a verdict in your case. If you are not being properly compensated by your employer, have been terminated by your employer, or are a victim of discrimination or harassment by your employer or colleagues, contact YTPL to see if you have a cause of action against your employer.

Unpaid Overtime & Wage Claims

If you fall within a certain category of employees (non-exempt employee), you may be entitled to time and one half pay for hours worked over forty (40) hours a week. Moreover, if you prevail on an unpaid overtime/wage claim you may be entitled to double the amount of unpaid wages and attorney fees. Contact YTPL to see if you are a non-exempt employee and should be getting paid time and half for your overtime hours.


Employers cannot harass or discriminate their employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. If you want to file a discrimination law suit, you must (1) file a “charge of discrimination” with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and (2) obtain a “Notice-of-Right-to- Sue” from the EEOC before filing a job discrimination lawsuit.
It is important to contact a lawyer who deals with these claims on a regular basis as there are time limits for filing the charge of discrimination and for filing your actual lawsuit in court. For example, once you receive a Notice-of-Right-to- Sue, you must file your lawsuit within 90 days. There are also certain exceptions within discrimination cases such as: (1) If you plan to file an age discrimination lawsuit, you won’t need a Notice of Right-to-Sue to file in court. You can file anytime after 60 days have passed from the day you filed your charge (but no later than 90 days after you receive notice that our investigation is concluded). YPTL will guide you through this complex process and can even request a Notice of Right-to-Sue before the EEOC completes their investigation. YPTL will also look into whether you may have a claim under Title VII which makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex in relation to wage and benefit payment. However, this also requires that you file a charge with EEOC and received a Notice of Right-to-Sue.

Wrongful Termination and Whistleblower Claims

There are several reasons for which your employer cannot fire you. Some common examples of wrongful termination which may violate either state or federal laws include the following:
bullet For filing a workers’ compensation claim
bullet For filing an unpaid wage claim
bullet For “blowing the whistle” or bringing to the employer’s attention some illegal act the employer is engaged
bullet For having a certain religion, or being of a certain race or sex
If you have been fired or were forced to resign, contact YPTL to see if you have a wrongful termination claim against your employer. The majority of employees in the state of Florida are not under contract with their employers. However, this does not mean your employer can fire you for just any reason. There are certain federal and state laws that have been passed to protect you.
It is important to hire an attorney who is experienced with employment law issues in both state and federal courts. The attorneys at YTPL are licensed to practice in both state and federal courts in the state of Florida. Our office assumes all of the costs and fees associated with your lawsuit and does not get reimbursed unless we are successful in securing a favorable settlement or a verdict in your case. Contact YPTL today to discuss your rights.
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