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Criminal Defense Links

bullet Federal Sites
  Look up a current federal inmate and find out the date of release and location, name of the judge and the charges pending.
bullet Federal Criminal Statutes
bullet Federal Docket Tracking
bullet Federal Inmate Locator
bullet GUIDE TO LAW ONLINE: United States - Florida
bullet Find out information about your lawyer. (How long has he/she been practicing?)
bullet Sheriff's Offices
  All sheriff's Offices in the State of Florida in alphabetical Order. Find out charges and confinement status as well as location of the Departments.
bullet Florida Sheriff’s Offices
bullet Clerk of Courts
  You can research criminal or civil charges by case number or names.
bullet Broward County Clerk
bullet Palm Beach County Clerk
bullet Dade Clerk of Court
bullet All Electronically equipped Counties Clerk of Courts
bullet State of Florida Driver License Check
  If you have your DL number, you can find out if your Florida Driver's License is suspended, and the basis for the suspension of your Florida Driver's License.
bullet Check your Intoxilyzer 8000 Electronic Records from your DUI.
  Was your Intoxilyzer 8000 calibrated properly?
bullet Useful case law regarding illegal search and seizures.
  Search & Seizure - Demers
bullet Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator
  Calculator to determine the amount of alcohol in your system
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