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Lets face it, car accidents occur on a daily basis and most of us will be involved in a car accident in our lifetime. Unfortunately, car accidents can result in more than just property damage. The most common injuries can be anything from neck and back pain, and broken bones to catastrophic injuries including spinal cord injuries (paraplegia and quadriplegia), brain damage, and even death.
If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, it is important that you seek medical treatment immediately. Your health is your and our number one concern. Oftentimes, injuries that result from a car accident do not manifest until days later. As such, seeking medical treatment immediately after an accident, even if you feel as though you are not injured, is a good idea. Below is a list of some things you may want to do after an accident:
  • Use your cell phone to take pictures of the accident scene, vehicles involved in the accident, and any visible injuries that you have sustained. You may also want to keep a disposable camera in your vehicle in case of an accident
  • Take down as much information as you can about the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident, especially their contact, insurance and license plate information
  • Seek medical treatment and be honest with the doctors about how you feel and the symptoms that you may have
  • Do not speak with anyone about the accident, except your doctors
  • Call the Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL ( Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Lawyer) for a free consultation.
The trial attorneys at The Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL have significant trial experience in motor vehicle, motorcycle, trucking, boating, PWC, and vehicle on pedestrian accidents. Oftentimes, we may also bring a defective products claim against the manufacturer of the automobile in addition to the negligence claim against the driver who hit you. Our number one goal is to protect your interests and get you compensated for your losses. Depending upon the facts of your case, we may seek several forms of damages, including:
  • Economic damages (Past and future medical bills, Past and future lost wages, property damage).
  • Punitive damages.
  • Loss of earning capacity damages.
  • Pain and suffering.


More often than not, your spouse also suffers with you, even though he or she was not involved in the accident. We may be able to seek damages for your husband, wife, or survivors. A lot of times, proving these damages requires consulting with and hiring certain experts. We work with the most reputable experts and have the resources and finances to back your case from start to finish. If you have been injured, contact The Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL to discuss your rights and interests. To learn more about motor vehicle accidents, please visit our blog or call today for a Free Consultation from Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney.

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