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Slip and Falls and Premises Liability

Under Florida law, a property owner has a duty to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition. If you are on someone else’s property and foreign substances, like water or a banana peel, are left on the floor and you slip and fall, you may have a claim against the property owner. Also, if something falls on you, or you are otherwise injured on someone else’s property in any other way, you should contact The Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL to see if you have a claim against the property owner. Property owners often purchase insurance policies which cover their negligence on the property.
Owners of both personal and commercial properties have a duty to keep their premises and property in a safe condition. This includes retail stores, condominium associations, hotels and restaurants, as well as cities and counties which must keep their sidewalks, driveways, and roads in a safe condition.
Below is a list of some things to do, if possible, after you suffer a slip and fall or become injured on someone’s property:
  • Use your cell phone to take pictures of the accident scene, any substance or obstacle that resulted in your fall, and any visible injuries which you sustained
  • Collect as much information as you can about the location of the fall and what you fell on
  • Immediately report the fall to a manager at the store
  • Seek medical treatment and be honest with the doctors about how you feel and the symptoms that you may have
  • Do not speak with anyone about the accident, except your doctors
  • Call the Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL for a free consultation.
The trial attorneys at The Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL have significant trial experience regarding injuries sustained while on someone else’s property. Our number one goal is to protect your interests and get you compensated for your losses. Depending upon the facts of your case, we may be able to seek several forms of damages, including:
  • Economic damages (Past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, property damage)
  • Punitive damages.
  • Loss of earning capacity damages.
  • Pain and suffering.


More often than not, your spouse also suffers with you, even though he or she was not involved in the accident. We may also be able to seek damages for your husband, wife, or survivors. A lot of times, proving these damages requires consulting with and hiring certain experts. We work with the best experts and have the resources and finances to back your case from start to finish. If you have been injured, contact The Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL to discuss your rights and interests. To learn more about slip and fall accidents and premises liability, please visit our blog or call for a free consultation today.