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Main site for US Immigration

US Immigration (USCIS)

Allows you to see the progress of different types of cases at the five service centers and local offices of US Immigration

US Immigration Processing Times

Allows you to see the status of most cases that are processed at service centers and you can sign up for an account so that they will e-mail you with any updates in your case

US Immigration on line case status

Non citizens must update their address within ten days of moving. This also allows you to update your address for specific forms that you have pending

On line address change with US immigration

Some forms can be filed electronically with US immigration

Electronic forms filing with US Immigration

People applying for a green card (adjustment of status) in the US must have a medical exam administered by a physician approved by US immigration

Immigration Authorized Physicians

Questions to study for the Naturalization (citizenship) interview

Naturalization Study Questions

Guidelines when computing sponsor’s eligibility in a family based immigration case

Affidavit of Support Income Guidelines

Main web portal for the State Department’s immigration related services and information

Bureau of Consular Affairs

List of and links to US embassies and consulates throughout the world

US Embassies and Consulates

Allows you to check the waiting times for visa processing at consulates around the world

Visa Waiting Times

The preferred method of completing a non-immigrant visa application for submission at a US Consulate

Electronic Non-Immigrant Visa Application

Chart updated monthly showing the backlog in various immigrant categories

Visa Bulletin

Link to the office that handles preliminary processing for immigrant visas

National Visa Center

Contains laws and examples related to the processing of various types of visas

State Department Foreign Affairs Manual

Updated list of countries having such treaties with the US

Countries with Investor (E-2) and/or Trader (E-1) Treaties with the US

Links to various forms and instructions needed to apply for a US Passport

General US Passport Information

Electronically filled application for a US Passport

On line US Passport Application

Allows you to view the status of passport applications where expedited processing has been paid for

Passport Application Status

Information for TN visas for certain professionals from Canada and Mexico

TN Visas